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10 Reasons To Choose Axcell As Your IT Partner For Your Chicagoland  Business

You will always receive a super-fast response (4 minutes) when your staff reports an issue.

60 Day Money Back Guaranteed! No questions asked. If we’re not meeting your expectations.

As an Axcell client you will receive up to Five Million Dollars of Cyber Liability coverage from Lloyds Of London. The security procedures and processes we use internally and will implement for you, allow us to receive highly reduced rates for superior coverage and we just include it!

We’ve refined our ability to deliver great service on the almost one million helpdesk tickets and alerts we’ve received and resolved. Your company will benefit from the tools and processes we’ve proven and tested over the last 21 years on Professional Services Businesses.

Axcell has stood the test of time and has a 90% client retention rate. We still have our first client from 21 years ago!

You will have an Axcell resource assigned to your company who will be on-site on a regular schedule. They will know you and your staff, all the ins and outs of the company, the little things that you would never understand if you don’t spend time there. We become part of YOUR team!

We meet with you quarterly and make sure we get ahead of any issues and know what to expect in the future. You will have a solid IT plan and budget so you will not need to waste time constantly fighting fires and putting band-aids in place.

Axcell deploys sophisticated monitoring and alerting on all of you network devices and monitors them 24x7. Our expert staff working behind the scenes to make sure that problems don’t occur. Simple things like disk space issues can turn into major emergencies if not addressed early. More than half of the issues on our client’s networks, they never see.

We are the single point of contact for anything IT related. We document everything and that documentation is always yours to keep.

You won’t be tied to a long-term contract. We keep our clients by providing excellent service.

See what our clients are saying about us…

Don't Know What We'd Do Without Axcell!

We've been Axcell's client for 15 years! That says a lot! We were a quarter the size when we started and Axcell has been there every step of the way. Like when the power was out for 4 days and they rushed over to get a generator hooked up so we could work! One of the best decisions we made was hiring Axcell! They are large enough to cover all our needs but small enough that they still treat us like their best customer! We've had experienced, qualified IT personnel available to us 24/7 at a reasonable cost without having to add an employee of our own. We like that we have regular hours on-site with Axcell personnel – They know us, they know what we do and thus can handle matters quickly and efficiently. We're on our third technology refresh based on Axcell's recommendations and we have confidence that our systems will be up and running and our data will be protected. Also, if we need something taken care of that's out of the ordinary, they always come through. I'm a numbers guy and it's a simple, straightforward cost/benefit analysis. I don't think you will find a better technology partner than Axcell.

David Lorey David Lorey Chief Financial Officer
GHC Mechanical
Elk Grove Village, IL

One Of The Best Run Organizations I've Come Across!

Of the 6 IT companies that I have been associated with over the last 18 years, Axcell is the best! Not by just a little but by a factor of at least 4. The turnaround was super quick. I mean sometimes within 2 minutes. Always within 15. Someone would always get back to me. The communication was never lacking. Always consistent. They never failed to solve the problem or do what was asked or needed. I was never felt wanting for more help. Axcell is one of the best run organizations that I have come across. I highly recommend them!

Rod Burriss Rod Burriss Branch Manager
Perl Mortgage
Maple Grove, MN

A Comprehensive Service That Includes Everything!

We hired Axcell over 6 years ago because our IT was a little bit of a mess at the time and we needed someone competent and experienced to sort it all out. We’ve been delighted ever since. They provide us with a comprehensive service that includes everything: hardware acquisition, all IT support and maintenance, workstation setup, backup, disaster recovery and help desk. They are very responsive to our issues and will stay on a problem until it’s completely resolved. They are reliable, fair, knowledgeable, and understand our price point concerns about hardware and services and they don’t look to oversell. I also like that we have a key point person on their team who knows all about our IT and us as a company. If you’re looking for an IT company that is knowledgeable, reliable, fair and responsive, then call Axcell. You won’t be disappointed!

Ken Orlando Ken Orlando President
Promark Brands
Bartlett, IL


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