Your business depends on your systems. We know that choosing the right technology partner is an important decision. 

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Here are 10 Reasons To Choose Axcell Technologies as your IT Partner for your Chicagoland Business: (If you want more, see what our clients have to say!) 

  1. Quick Response - You will always receive a super-fast response (4 minutes) when your staff reports an issue.
  2.  Satisfaction Guaranteed - 60 Day Money Back Guaranteed! No questions asked. If we're not meeting your expectations.
  3. Cyber Liability Protection - As an Axcell client you will receive up to Five Million Dollars of Cyber Liability coverage from Lloyds Of London. The security procedures and processes we use internally and will implement for you, allow us to receive highly reduced rates for superior coverage and we just include it!
  4. Experience - We've refined our ability to deliver great service on the almost one million helpdesk tickets and alerts we've received and resolved. Your company will benefit from the tools and processes we've proven and tested over the last 21 years on Professional Services Businesses.
  5. Trust - Axcell has stood the test of time and has a 90% client retention rate. We still have our first client from 21 years ago!
  6. Engagement - You will have an Axcell resource assigned to your company who will be on-site on a regular schedule. They will know you and your staff, all the ins and outs of the company, the little things that you would never understand if you don't spend time there. We become part of YOUR team!
  7. Focus - We meet with you quarterly and make sure we get ahead of any issues and know what to expect in the future. You will have a solid IT plan and budget so you will not need to waste time constantly fighting fires and putting band-aids in place.
  8. Proactive - Axcell deploys sophisticated monitoring and alerting on all of you network devices and monitors them 24x7. Our expert staff working behind the scenes to make sure that problems don't occur. Simple things like disk space issues can turn into major emergencies if not addressed early. More than half of the issues on our client's networks, they never see.
  9. Single Point of Contact - We can become your single point of contact for anything IT related. No finger pointing necessary. You will always know who to talk to if there is an issue or question. We document everything and that documentation is always yours to keep.
  10. Commitment - You won't be tied to a long-term contract. We keep our clients by providing excellent service.


Axcell is your Chicagoland IT team.
Experienced, Highly Responsive, Proactive and easy to work with.
You focus on your business - Relax - We’ll Handle I.T.

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