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Don't Know What We'd Do Without Axcell!

We've been Axcell's client for 15 years! That says a lot! We were a quarter the size when we started and Axcell has been there every step of the way. Like when the power was out for 4 days and they rushed over to get a generator hooked up so we could work! One of the best decisions we made was hiring Axcell! They are large enough to cover all our needs but small enough that they still treat us like their best customer! We've had experienced, qualified IT personnel available to us 24/7 at a reasonable cost without having to add an employee of our own. We like that we have regular hours on-site with Axcell personnel – They know us, they know what we do and thus can handle matters quickly and efficiently. We're on our third technology refresh based on Axcell's recommendations and we have confidence that our systems will be up and running and our data will be protected. Also, if we need something taken care of that's out of the ordinary, they always come through. I'm a numbers guy and it's a simple, straightforward cost/benefit analysis. I don't think you will find a better technology partner than Axcell.

David Lorey David Lorey Chief Financial Officer
GHC Mechanical
Elk Grove Village, IL

One Of The Best Run Organizations I've Come Across!

Of the 6 IT companies that I have been associated with over the last 18 years, Axcell is the best! Not by just a little but by a factor of at least 4. The turnaround was super quick. I mean sometimes within 2 minutes. Always within 15. Someone would always get back to me. The communication was never lacking. Always consistent. They never failed to solve the problem or do what was asked or needed. I was never felt wanting for more help. Axcell is one of the best run organizations that I have come across. I highly recommend them!

Rod Burriss Rod Burriss Branch Manager
Perl Mortgage
Maple Grove, MN

Axcell understands that working with a Non-Profit Organization is different.

We've been an Axcell client for over 15 years! They are professionals and have a deep knowledge of computer systems and networks and are always willing to help us, when needed.  Axcell is very responsive and they always do a great job explaining any issue in plain English.  They understand the that working with a Non-Profit Organization is different.  They have been able to apply creative solutions over the years to allow us to keep our technology up to date. We have relied on Axcell as our trusted partner for over 15 years and it is very much like having our own IT Department. I am very comfortable recommending Axcell to any organization.  They do a great job!


Jacqueline Hogendorp Development and Database Coordinator
Cancer Wellness Center
Northbrook, IL

We are in a regulated industry and Axcell works closely with us to assure that we are always in compliance.

We've been an Axcell client for 18 years! The single biggest benefit of working with Axcell is their response time.  We get a response to support issues within minutes! In addition, Axcell has guided us through at least 5 technology refreshes over the years. We are in a regulated industry and Axcell works closely with us to assure that we are always in compliance. It's important that we have one number to call for anything related to technology. If there is one thing that Axcell Tech does better than others I have worked with it is sticking with an issue until we are completely satisfied.  If that means calling other vendors or doing research, they go above and beyond to find resolutions. Companies on the fence about choosing Axcell for their IT firm should know that every staff member is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to excellent customer service.  


Lisa Petrovic Office Manager
Equitrust Financial Ltd.
Deerfield, IL

Easy To Understand "No Geek Speak!"

Axcell does an exceptional job communicating with all experience levels and different departments in the company.  Every time I had an issue, they responded right away and provided a fast solution, even in instances when I struggled with the right terminology to explain what the problem was.  They always made sure I was able to pick up right where I left off and continue with what I was doing.

Axcell will listen to your issue, and then communicate what steps need to be taken in a way that is clear and easy to understand "No Geek Speak!".  I never felt like they were frustrated when I did something wrong or asked the same question twice.  They treated me like we were on the same team.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t know they were a separate IT firm the entire first year!  In my mind, they were in the office next to me, completely informed on what was going on at the time and invested in achieving the same goals I had.

I would recommend Axcell without any hesitation.  I never dreaded calling to inquire about something I wasn’t knowledgeable about.  My issues were always resolved and explained in a way that made sense to me.  They made it easier for me to do my job and focus on the things I want to spend my time doing.  They are a perfect balance of speed, customer service, and positive results.

Laura Stonecipher Chief Liaison Officer
PERL Mortgage
Chicago, IL

Having Axcell is like having the best I.T. Department ever!

When it comes to computer and IT issues, Communication with the IT firm and workers is key and Axcell does an excellent job at communicating solutions and setting expectations. For me, the single best benefit is the Help Desk. Axcell responds within a few minutes and then soon after starts fixing my problems. I can highly recommend Axcell to any company that needs knowledgeable and responsive I.T. assistance.  Having Axcell is like having the best I.T. Department ever!

Jennifer Sims Director of Resident Services
Rolling Hills Place
Zion, IL

A Comprehensive Service That Includes Everything!

We hired Axcell over 6 years ago because our IT was a little bit of a mess at the time and we needed someone competent and experienced to sort it all out. We’ve been delighted ever since. They provide us with a comprehensive service that includes everything: hardware acquisition, all IT support and maintenance, workstation setup, backup, disaster recovery and help desk. They are very responsive to our issues and will stay on a problem until it’s completely resolved. They are reliable, fair, knowledgeable, and understand our price point concerns about hardware and services and they don’t look to oversell. I also like that we have a key point person on their team who knows all about our IT and us as a company. If you’re looking for an IT company that is knowledgeable, reliable, fair and responsive, then call Axcell. You won’t be disappointed!

Ken Orlando Ken Orlando President
Promark Brands
Bartlett, IL

The Axcell team seamlessly integrates within our organization.

When Axcell came onboard we had a problem with tickets that sat for days, weeks, or months. Our users were frustrated, and our staff was overwhelmed. Axcell took charge and cleaned up the back log and tickets were being handled almost instantaneously. Their team is on top of things, always friendly and they never give up on an issue. The Axcell team seamlessly integrates within our organization. They are quick to learn pain points and can jump into any type of tech related issue.

Through their ticketing system, issues are documented and followed up on quickly. There’s transparency to updates and the communication is great. The Axcell team looks to provide the end user a result that satisfies. I can recommend them highly!

Matt Lash Vice President
Client Services Brandmuscle
Chicago, IL

We’ve been an Axcell client for more than 20 years.

In that time, we’ve grown from less than 50 employees in one office to over 500 employees in over 30 offices nationwide. Our business is fast paced, highly demanding, tightly regulated and extremely dependent on technology. Even a 5-minute email delay can be a big deal! The Axcell team works closely with us to make sure that we have the right infrastructure in place and their support team responds almost immediately. Axcell understands the technology but more importantly, they understand our business. Being able to rely on Axcell as our I.T. Department allows me to be focused on successfully growing the business. Axcell has proven themselves over the years, time and time again. I am happy to recommend them to anyone!

Ken Perlmutter President
PERL Mortgage
Chicago, IL

Axcell is our Trusted IT Partner

Pagoda relies heavily on our systems to manage large projects and to accurately bid new jobs and we rely on Axcell to make sure everyone has access to the systems they need when they need them. The system they designed for us has been "rock solid" and if a user ever has any issue whatsoever, Axcell is on it right away.

I'd say, don’t waste money with other firms that spend hours upon hours trying to GUESS what your issue might be, while during that time your business is frozen with no production. Choose Axcell and save money, and more importantly down time. As a business owner, having Axcell as our IT partner provides me peace of mind.

Martin Loredo Chief Operating Officer
Pagoda Electric
Elk Grove, IL


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