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It’s all about you and your business. 

Let’s face it, selecting the right technology partner is a critical decision.  A partner you can trust, one that is focused on the long term, one that is large enough to handle your company now and in the future. 

For over 13 Years, clients throughout Chicagoland have been able to relax and focus on THEIR businesses, knowing that Axcell Technologies is there to support and advise them.

Numbers don’t lie

  • 98%  - Our client retention rate over 13 years (We still have our first client)
  • Under  10 %   – Our consultant turnover rate  (Our clients like seeing the same faces)
  • 4 mins – Our average response time to a client submitted service request (We guarantee 12min)
  • 100% – Amount of data that has been protected by Axcell throughout our client base over 13 years
  • 40% – Amount of new business generated from existing client referrals

Thought Leadership

Technology changes rapidly and Axcell helps its clients successfully navigate those changes and select and implement the right technologies at the right time

As a pioneer of Fixed Fee Managed IT Services, Axcell has been helping it clients by delivering reliable solutions at a predictable cost for almost 6 years.  As an early adopter of Cloud Services, Axcell has been delivering hosted cloud applications to its clients for over 4 years.  The next generation of change is upon us and Axcell has is delivering anywhere, anytime, any device access to data and application through its new Xagent Cloud.

Easy to do business with

Axcell consultants are trained to speak English, not techno-babble.  Our agreements are simple and straight forward and we are 100% client focused.  Our motto is “No Drama” and we carry that through every aspect of our client relationships.

Our Services

Chicago IT Services

As your company grows and changes, you recognize the need for professional and high-quality IT support.
If your Chicago-based small or medium-sized business can’t justify the expense of full-time IT staff, Axcell has the perfect solution allowing you to have robust IT support without the added expenses of hiring your own employees.

Business IT Consulting

With today’s ever-changing technology, organizations rely on having a solid and dependable IT infrastructure and the tech support to go with it. But many organizations can’t justify the expenses involved in hiring full-time business IT support professionals. That’s where we come in. Axcell Technologies can provide your Chicago business with a full team of IT support professionals with experience and skills across all types of technologies and applications who are ready to respond at a moment’s notice – and all at a price you can afford.

Business Continuity Services

If your IT infrastructure were suddenly down due to theft or a natural disaster, would you have a data backup and recovery plan?
Axcell Technologies provides a robust Business Continuity services offering complete data recovery and data protection solutions which benefit all Chicago and area business. Now there’s a safe and secure way to protect your vital data from loss due to hackers, employee theft, system failure, and natural disasters. We offer data recovery programs tailored specifically to your business’ IT needs.

Cloud Services

The Cloud is here and Axcell has the experience to help you leverage the cloud for your business.

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"Axcell provides Virtual Hosting for us, to host our Web-based application. Initial setup was on time and complete, with no issues. Everything we needed was complete on day one. We have had no problems with our systems or hosting. Speed and response time of the systems has exceeded out initial expectations. We have been very satisfied with Axcell."

Eric Wellin – Principal
"Axcell is very responsive in responding to our IT needs and has helped us maintain a stable and reliable network environment."

Jerry Ward CEO
"Axcell does a great job with our database. They are efficient and reliable. They answer all of our questions, and produce great results."

Steve Hyman – Partner
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